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Estrattore Estraggo EASY

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Estraggo Easy is the new arrival in Siqur Salute's line. It is the perfect slow juicer for home use, designed for the health and well being of the whole family!
Thanks to the extralarge feed chute it is extremely easy to use, as you won't need to chop vegetables and fruits into tiny pieces.

The two strainers will allow you to make fresh juices from fruit and veggies, vegetable milks, ice creams and sorbets.

All plastics in contact with the juice are BPA free.



Technical specifications

Motor power 240W
Tension/ Frequency 220V/ 50-60 Hz
Rotations per minute 55
Strainers 30 minuti
Torque 30 Nm
Size of feed chute 75mm / 44 cm2
Size 25x18x48 cm
Weight 5 Kg
Warranty 2 years
English user manual Yes

Health and well-being

Estraggo Easy's plastics are BPAfree, meaning they are free from the toxic chemicals found in most plastics which, in the long run, can promote several diseases.
Estraggo Easy is a slow juicer (55 rotations per minute), it performs a cold extraction of the juice which leaves all nutritional values unaltered. In comparison with that of centrifugal juicers, Estraggo Easy's juice doesn't undergo oxidation of heating, thus retaining the maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, proteins. You can make tasty juices, milks and ice-creams completely natural, which can actually improve your alimentation!


Estraggo Easy is equipped with two strainers:

- Fine strainer: to make Living Juices from fruit, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, as well as milk from seeds and cereals like almonds, walnuts, soy, rice, hemp…

- Blank strainer: to make fresh icecreams and sorbets, with no milk or eggs or refined sugar needed!

Estraggo Easy's screw is unique: unlike most juicers, it has studs along the spiral that improve the quality of the extraction.


The extralarge feeding chute (75mm) makes the preprations really easy, as you won't need to reduce fruit and vegetables to tiny pieces, saving time!

The drip saver cap helps mixing up the flavours, avoids dripping and allows a quick cleaning. The handle will help you moving Estraggo Easy without risk.

The feed chute include a safety element; in addition, the machine has a safety block if not correctly assembled.

What do I find in the box

  • Base with 240W motor and handle

    Lid with extralarge opening (75mm) and safety element


    2 jugs for juice and fiber

    2 strainers

    Juice bowl with drip-saver cap

    Rotating brush

    Cleaning brush

    Power cord

    Instructions manual

    Recipe book

Estraggo EASY