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Essicco is Siqur Salute's food dehydrator.

Emulating the effect of the sun, dehydrator Essicco exalts the flavours of food without causing losses of nutrients, so you can enjoy all the energy and taste of your favourite fruit and vegetables every time of the year.
Essicco is really easy to use and roomy, thanks to the 6 adjustable-height trays, transparent so you can check on the food at every moment.
An air filter is included in the base, keeping dust and bugs outside and ensuring a clean atmosphere throughout the drying process.



Essicco is Siqur Salute's food dehydrator.

Food drying is a natural method of food preservation employed since the dawn of humanity. It consists of removing 80-90% of water from food, thus blocking the growth of bacteria responsible for the degradation. Drying food is healthy: unlike in industrial production, food won't undergo sudden changes in temperature, nor are additioned with chemicals or condiments (such as oil, salt, sugar) that would result in nutritional variations. On the contrary, dehydration leaves pratically unchanged the properties of food.

But reconciliating Health and Taste is not the only advantage offered by dehydrator Essicco!:

  • Easy to use: making dried food at home is extremely easy. All you have to do is slice the ingredients (fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, meat), spread them on the trays and turn Essicco on.
  • All-around: many uses are possible, you can make fruit and vegetable chips, snacks, energy bars, dried mushrooms, tea and infusions, fruit leather rolls, jerky, decorations, dried flowers and herbs, berries and nuts, meringues, ingredients for soups, and more.
  • Prêt-à-porter: dried food are clean and light to carry in comparison with fresh food, so they are ideal to be brought outside and tasted whenever you want.
  • Do it yourself: it is easy to find dried food in supermarkets, but making your own it's a whole different thing! Dry according to your tastes: the food you prefer, the dryness you want, experimenting new solutions and recipes.

Essicco's trays are BPA free. it comes with 6 of them, but there can be added more if necessary, up to 20 trays.
Temperature and times can be checked through the two digital displays and changed at every moment.

Technical specifications

Size 43 x 28 x 24 cm
Weight 4,5 Kg
Warranty 3 anni
Tension/ Frequency 220V – 50Hz
Power 550W
Thermostat 40° - 70°
Trays 6 (possibility to add more)
Post sale service Yes
User manual Yes

What do I find in the box

  • Essicco
  • 6 transparent, height-adjustable trays
  • Ventilated lid
  • Mesh sheet for small ingredients
  • Solid sheet for fruit rolls
  • Air filter
  • 150cm power cord
  • Instructions manual